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Since 1933 

New Hope Radio is now “blasting” the rainforest with the Good News of our Saviour’s love seven days a week. It’s truly amazing!

We came to realize how much the ministry of New Hope was needed in the Miskito Indian nation when Pastor Bennett invited the pastors of six local churches to join him on the air. One by one he introduced their ministries to the listening audience. 

It is important to note that when we think of a “listening audience” here in the U.S., we think of people listening in their vehicles as they commute to work or listening at work. Things are quite different in the rainforest. In most instances, our “listening audience” is a group of Miskito Indians gathered around a small battery powered radio in a remote village (with no electricity, running water, television, or even roads, etc). 

But there they are... hanging on to every word... for there is hardly anything else for them to do, for here are no jobs or other Western distractions to occupy their time.

So “one by one,” Pastor Bennett asked all of the pastors, at the close of their greetings to the listeners... to share with the audience how to get to Heaven.

This sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? For those of us who know the "Way" and know how to share the "Good News" with others, it is very simple. The truth is, it was more than difficult for these pastors - it was impossible. None of them could explain to their listening audience how to get to Heaven.

As much as I would like to say I am mistaken in writing this... but it is the truth - none of the pastors knew the answer! Some said... “Pray a lot.” Others said, “Really fellowship other church members.” To Pastor Bennett’s utter amazement... none of these pastors knew how to tell someone how to get to Heaven!

When the last pastor had finished... Pastor Bennett took his time and shared on the radio how Jesus Christ is the way, the only way, and how simple it is for all the listeners to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that when they draw their final breath, Heaven will be their home.

After they went off the air, one of the main leaders of the pastors said that they certainly had learned a lot that day.

Can you believe it? I know it seems absurd... astonishing... appalling... I can’t find the right adjective to describe pastors who are suppose to be “leading the flock, but they don’t have a clue about even the foundation of Christian life.

However, we do need to take note that the Bible has only been translated into Miskito since 1998, but still... that’s more than ample time to learn how to get to Heaven!

All six of these ministers are no doubt “saved.” A missionary or a visiting Christian had, at one time or another, introduced and led these ministers to the Lord. 

But here is the problem. No one cared enough or stayed long enough in Waspan to teach these new Christians how to share the "Good News" with the many others who have never had the opportunity to have the plan of salvation shared with them.

Just like when Philip asked the Ethiopian, "Understands thou what thou readiest?" And the Ethiopian answered, "How can I, except some man should guide me?" 

We do not believe there is a greater need in the rainforest than to disciple these pastors... so they can disciple their people.... their “children.

Yes the harvest is ripe in the rainforest of Nicaragua. We are thankful that God is using New Hope Radio to share His love with a people who need to hear the Good News of our Saviour's love.