At E.M.A. we believe it is time to do more then merely listen to twenty-nine minute sermons. It's time we BECOME sermons.For too long we have sung about reaching our world for Christ... now it's time to do it! Instead of missions being one of our hobbies that we do when it is convenient, it is time to make reaching our world for Christ our every, all consuming passion. 

In Mark 16:15, Jesus tells us to, "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." This Great Commission IS given to every believer in the Body of Christ. This is why everything about Evangelistic Messengers’ Association Church (E.M.A.) is about reaching the world with the Good News of our Saviour's love. We are committed to making every aspect of E.M.A. Church, world-evangelization. 

The Evangelistic Messengers Association was established on March the 3rd, 1933 in Chicago, Illinois. 

EVANGELISTIC... The early founders felt that the Body of Believers and ministers that God would work in this ministry would be... EVANGELISTIC. They would not never be content with just building churches or having "church as usual."

MESSENGERS... Each member was aware that they were God's MESSENGERS to this lost world. Their all consuming desire must be, to reach the world with God's MESSAGE at any cost.

ASSOCIATION... This was to be a group of ministers and members of the Body of Christ who were held together in an ASSOCIATION, never a "denomination." 
The Missionary Church...
World Outreach Ministry Center
Ennis,  Texas



Since 1933 

Hence the name, Evangelistic Messengers Association.   

At E.M.A. Church, every service IS all about missions.  It's not something we do in our "spare time." It is not a twice-a-year mission trip or a mission offering we receive once a month. Evangelizing the world is our priority.

In obedience to Word of God, our vision is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in our city, our nation and all over the world. We are doing everything possible to fulfill this command given to us by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ from our base in the World Outreach Ministry Center.

At this very moment Pastor Ford is ministering directly to the Miskito Indian nation who live in the rain forrest of Nicaragua. At E.M.A. we are not reaching this "forgotten people group" with "canned" messages from sermons ministered in the U.S., but sermons preached directly to the Miskito Indian people from our chapel here in Ennis.These Sunday messages are then prepared for our radio station in the rain forrest (New Hope Radio). After the messages are ready for radio, they are emailed to an internet cafe in the village of Waspam where a member  

 of our staff picks the message on a flash drive and takes it to the village of Kisalaya where our radio station and tower is located. The messages are them downloaded to our computers there and aired all through the week.

We are believing soon we will have a dish in place in this remote area so that we may broadcast messages from this 4 pm service "live" to the Miskito Indians living in this area of the rain forrest of Nicaragua. Our next step will then be establish transmitters throughout the rain forrest so every Miskito Indian will be able to hear the Gospel and be discipled daily by God's Word.

Never before, have broadcasts been prepared from messages actually preached here in the U.S. that are directed to the Miskito Indian people.

At E.M.A. we believe that God is glorified by our obedience to His Great Commission. Therefore, it is our desire that world evangelism is a part of every meeting, every class and activity. Everything we do and say should tell people that world evangelization is uppermost on our minds and in our hearts. 

We are continually praying for the needs of the 1,500+ E.M.A. missionaries who are a part of E.M.A. who are ministering in 44 countries of the world.   

At E.M.A. we understand the necessity of allowing the Lord to do a deeper work "in" our lives so that He may perform a greater work through lives. 

If you would like to know more, please call us at: (972) 349-1137.